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Jimmy Sulistyanto (kyonggido,korsel)

Administrator - Thursday, 07 April 2011

Nama saya Jimmy Sulistyanto dari Sukoharja Jateng, Sekarang ini saya bekerja di Hyunday Doscem Kumho.Co.Ltd, Di Kota Yongin Si, Suwon,Kyonggido,South Korea, / Korea Selatan.Bagai mana saya bisa bekerja di Korea Selatan karena Bimbingan dari Bina Insani Solo (BI) :



Administrator - Monday, 10 February 2014

Nama RIYANTO, Asal Sekolah, SMK NEGERI 1 MADIUN, Asal Kota, SRAGEN, Alumni Diklat Persiapan Kerja Ke Korea Selatan Angkatan 10 LPK BINA INSANI SOLO. Sekarang sudah bekerja di DAEGU, KOREA SELATAN.



Administrator - Monday, 17 February 2014

Nama : Teguh Adi Warsito, Asal Sekolah SMK Pancasila, Surakarta, Pratama Mulia SKA. Asal Kota Karanganyar. Alumni Peserta Diklat persiapan kerja Ke korea di Bina Insani Solo. Sekarang sudah bekerja di pyounghwa industri, Korea Selatan.

Baca Selengkapnya Berita Mas Teguh di Korea.


Administrator - Saturday, 05 May 2012

Farouk El yusuf

Alumni Bina Insani yang sudah bekerja ke korea

(Pesan Untuk siswa yg masih belajar di BI yang akan kerja ke korea,

ditulis apa adanya dari FB)

Dari : Farouk El Yusuf (ALUMNI LPK BINA INSANI)


Assalaamu alaikum w.w

Sekedar Berbagi;Buat temen2 Bina Insani yang baru mau berangkat kerja di korea banyak sekali hal2 yg hrs dipersiapkan a.l:


Ismanto Alumni Diklat Kerja Korea

Administrator - Tuesday, 04 February 2014

Ismanto, Asal Kota Semarang alumni diklat persiapan kerja ke Korea Selatan. Saat ini sudah bekerja di korea Selatan sekitar 1 Tahun ini. Proses keberhasilan untuk bekerja di Korea di lalui dengan semangat dan kegigihnya.



Administrator - Saturday, 15 February 2014

Assalamu alaikum, Nama : Bustamin, Asal Sekolah SMK NEG 1 TOLITOLI, Kota Asal Toli Toli, Sulawesi Tengah. Alumni Bina Insani Solo Program Diklat Bahasa Korea Persiapan CTKI Korea. Sekarang sudah bekerja di Korea Selatan.





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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 28 June 2012 17:58
0122012P10011274 10011274 IKHSANUDIN Male
0122012P10011280 10011280 SANJAYA Male
0122012P10011284 10011284 SANDI JUNIONO Male
0122012P10011286 10011286 SATIM BIN MISTA Male
0122012P10011293 10011293 RAWIDIN Male
0122012P10011294 10011294 RENDI SUDARSONO Male
0122012P10011296 10011296 RENGKI WIGUNA JAYA Male
0122012P10011297 10011297 RUDI HARTONO Male
0122012P10011305 10011305 LUQMAN MEYLANI AFRIYANTO Male
0122012P10011308 10011308 PRAWIRA DIJAYA Male
0122012P10011321 10011321 TIMAN Male
0122012P10011322 10011322 TIA HARUM Female
0122012P10011325 10011325 SUWIRNO Male
0122012P10011326 10011326 SUWATNO JUNIAR Male
0122012P10011331 10011331 ABDUL WAHID Male
0122012P10011332 10011332 QOMARUDIN Male
0122012P10011333 10011333 DARNYA Male
0122012P10011335 10011335 BIMO JUDIAST0 Male
0122012P10011336 10011336 ROTUL UMAMA Female
0122012P10011337 10011337 LAILI AZIZAH Female
0122012P10011338 10011338 HERI MUGIONO Male
0122012P10011339 10011339 WAHYU BUDI KUSUMA Male
0122012P10011347 10011347 ANDIKA Male
0122012P10011353 10011353 ZAENUDIN Male
0122012P10011354 10011354 YAYUK BANDRIYAH Female
0122012P10011356 10011356 MARSIYATI Female
0122012P10011357 10011357 NURYATI Female
0122012P10011360 10011360 YENI ASTUTI Female
0122012P10011361 10011361 HARTONO RAGA BUDI ANDIKA Male
0122012P10011362 10011362 AGUS NUR ELMI Male
0122012P10011364 10011364 SUPARTO Male
0122012P10011365 10011365 AGUS BAHTIAR EFFENDI Male
0122012P10011366 10011366 NOVIA SUCI IKAWULANDARI Female
0122012P10011367 10011367 HADI PRAYITNO Male
0122012P10011370 10011370 DERIK PERMADANI Male
0122012P10011371 10011371 MURIADI Male
0122012P10011373 10011373 SUYITNO Male
0122012P10011374 10011374 MUHAMMAD ZAINAL ARIFIN Male
0122012P10011376 10011376 WISNU SUMARDIONO Male
0122012P10011380 10011380 DEDI HEMAWAN Male
0122012P10011382 10011382 IRWAN ANDRIANTO Male
0122012P10011391 10011391 AHMAD FAUSI Male
0122012P10011392 10011392 SAHARUDIN Male
0122012P10011394 10011394 JATI PERMANA Male
0122012P10011395 10011395 ITA RATNA SARI Female
0122012P10011400 10011400 ABDUL ROHMAD Male
0122012P10011401 10011401 MUHAMMAD MUJAB MUSTOFA Male
0122012P10011402 10011402 HILWA FASSA YUWANA Female
0122012P10011411 10011411 SHOLIHIN Male
0122012P10011414 10011414 JAE NURIYANTO Male
0122012P10011415 10011415 ANDI SUSANTO Male
0122012P10011416 10011416 SUTRISNO Male
0122012P10011417 10011417 NURAEDI Male
0122012P10011420 10011420 GALIH CIPTO NUGROHO Male
0122012P10011423 10011423 YONI HARTONO Male
0122012P10011424 10011424 KHOWERI Male
0122012P10011425 10011425 FAJAR FIRMANSYAH Male
0122012P10011433 10011433 EPRI KUSNAYANTO Male
0122012P10011434 10011434 ALFIAN ARI WIBOWO Male
0122012P10011439 10011439 SAMSUL MAARIF Male
0122012P10011442 10011442 ASMA ARDI SETIAWAN Male
0122012P10011445 10011445 TRI SANTUSO Male
0122012P10011449 10011449 MUSTAQIM Male
0122012P10011457 10011457 ALI MURTADLO Male
0122012P10011458 10011458 ADI SUPRIANTO Male
0122012P10011460 10011460 ABDUL HAKIM Male
0122012P10011463 10011463 ISWANTO Male
0122012P10011465 10011465 MANO Male
0122012P10011466 10011466 ASMITA Male
0122012P10011470 10011470 KENDAR Male
0122012P10011478 10011478 YANA SURYANA Male
0122012P10011480 10011480 CECEP RIYANTO Male
0122012P10011483 10011483 SOBAR B ANDI Male
0122012P10011484 10011484 AFIFI Male
0122012P10011485 10011485 ABDUL HAKIM Male
0122012P10011488 10011488 SUPARTO Male
0122012P10011490 10011490 NOPIYANTI Female
0122012P10011496 10011496 ROHANA Male
0122012P10011498 10011498 CASNARI Male
0122012P10011499 10011499 TONI AMIR UDIN Male
0122012P10011501 10011501 YUDI WAHYUDI Male
0122012P10011502 10011502 SODLI Male
0122012P10011503 10011503 WAWAN GUNAWAN Male
0122012P10011504 10011504 ADE SAMSUDIN Male
0122012P10011505 10011505 SANTOSO Male
0122012P10011506 10011506 SOPANI Male
0122012P10011507 10011507 AMIN MUBAROK Male
0122012P10011508 10011508 SANDI SUSANTO Male
0122012P10011509 10011509 NURADILAH Male
0122012P10011510 10011510 HASANUDIN Male
0122012P10011512 10011512 ASEP SOLIHIN Male
0122012P10011513 10011513 RUDI HARTONO B ROKANI Male
0122012P10011514 10011514 MUHAMAD SOLEHUDIN Male
0122012P10011515 10011515 CARYADI Male
0122012P10011516 10011516 KARNAWAN Male
0122012P10011517 10011517 RUSTANI Male
0122012P10011518 10011518 SYARIFUDIN Male
0122012P10011519 10011519 EVIE SUSANTI Female
0122012P10011521 10011521 FAQIH UDIH Male
0122012P10011522 10011522 CARSONO Male
0122012P10011523 10011523 MUSTADI Male
0122012P10011525 10011525 HASANUDIN Male
0122012P10011528 10011528 TRISNO Male
0122012P10011530 10011530 EDI SUPENDI Male
0122012P10011532 10011532 A.JARUKHI Male
0122012P10011533 10011533 ADI UTAMA PANDU WINATA Male
0122012P10011535 10011535 DEDE MASRUDIN Male
0122012P10011537 10011537 YUHIDIN Male
0122012P10011538 10011538 M.SATRIYA Male
0122012P10011540 10011540 ALWI AL AMIRI Male
0122012P10011542 10011542 SUCINI ANGGREYANI Female
0122012P10011544 10011544 WARGONO Male
0122012P10011545 10011545 MASNUN Male
0122012P10011547 10011547 ROJIYANTO Male
0122012P10011548 10011548 ALIMIN Male
0122012P10011551 10011551 DEDI UMYANTO Male
0122012P10011553 10011553 NUNU SANUSI Male
0122012P10011555 10011555 TAUFIK HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10011556 10011556 ABDUL GHOFIR Male
0122012P10011567 10011567 SLAMET RIYADI Male
0122012P10011570 10011570 AMINUDIN Male
0122012P10011571 10011571 TOTO ROHMANTO Male
0122012P10011572 10011572 CASTIM Male
0122012P10011575 10011575 AGUS SALIM Male
0122012P10011576 10011576 DEDE MURTOPO Male
0122012P10011579 10011579 HANDI SUHANDI Male
0122012P10011581 10011581 AGUS SALAM Male
0122012P10011582 10011582 AGUS PRASETIYO WIBOWO Male
0122012P10011587 10011587 NURLAELI Female
0122012P10011589 10011589 WIDIANINGSIH Female
0122012P10011594 10011594 RASMUI Male
0122012P10011595 10011595 ANEN SUNARYA Male
0122012P10011596 10011596 WAHYU MAULANA Male
0122012P10011598 10011598 MUNISAH Female
0122012P10011604 10011604 SRI DEWI Female
0122012P10011607 10011607 DARJO Male
0122012P10011612 10011612 WARLAN SUHADI Male
0122012P10011618 10011618 AEF MOCH SYARIFUDIN Male
0122012P10011619 10011619 RASYIDI Male
0122012P10011620 10011620 ABDULLAH UBAID Male
0122012P10011621 10011621 OGIYANTO Male
0122012P10011622 10011622 JUNEDI Male
0122012P10011623 10011623 SOPIUDIN Male
0122012P10011624 10011624 MOHAMAD ANTONI Male
0122012P10011628 10011628 SUPRIYADI Male
0122012P10011631 10011631 DARYA Male
0122012P10011637 10011637 MUHAMAD ALI MUSTOFA Male
0122012P10011639 10011639 DIMAS ADE SUPRIYANA Male
0122012P10011648 10011648 SAIRUDIN Male
0122012P10011651 10011651 NUR SABIT Male
0122012P10011652 10011652 LIA DAMAYANTI BT TARUDIN Female
0122012P10011653 10011653 NUR HIKMAH Female
0122012P10011654 10011654 EVA KUSTIANAH Female
0122012P10011655 10011655 NUROKHMAN Male
0122012P10011657 10011657 IRIN SAIRIN Male
0122012P10011658 10011658 DIDIN SADIMAN Male
0122012P10011659 10011659 NURAENI Female
0122012P10011660 10011660 JAJANG NURZAMAN Male
0122012P10011661 10011661 NURIWAN Male
0122012P10011662 10011662 SYARIF ABDULLAH Male
0122012P10011663 10011663 BAGJA SETIAWAN Male
0122012P10011670 10011670 TULUS WIDODO Male
0122012P10011674 10011674 SUGIYANTO Male
0122012P10011677 10011677 RIF AN SYAUQI Male
0122012P10011680 10011680 BAGUS HERMANTO Male
0122012P10011681 10011681 ERI SUDRAJAT Male
0122012P10011682 10011682 ASEP SOFYAN Male
0122012P10011683 10011683 SAEPUL MUBAROK Male
0122012P10011685 10011685 SAMSUL FAJRI Male
0122012P10011688 10011688 SUHERMAN Male
0122012P10011690 10011690 LEO MARTIN Male
0122012P10011693 10011693 AGUS SUBKHI Male
0122012P10011695 10011695 SUTOMO Male
0122012P10011697 10011697 BAMBANG SUKOCO Male
0122012P10011699 10011699 WAKITO Male
0122012P10011700 10011700 MAKSAN Male
0122012P10011701 10011701 SITI KHODIJAH Female
0122012P10011702 10011702 SARIPUDIN Male
0122012P10011703 10011703 SAEPUDDIN Male
0122012P10011705 10011705 WAHADI Male
0122012P10011706 10011706 ABDUL HAQ Male
0122012P10011707 10011707 KHUMAEDI Male
0122012P10011708 10011708 TRIYONO Male
0122012P10011709 10011709 SOBIRIN B DURAKMAN Male
0122012P10011710 10011710 YUDO ARIF MIJAYA Male
0122012P10011711 10011711 MURODIF Male
0122012P10011712 10011712 DWI SETIANI Female
0122012P10011713 10011713 MUKOROBIN Male
0122012P10011714 10011714 NURHAYATI Female
0122012P10011716 10011716 JAMALUDIN Male
0122012P10011717 10011717 NURONI Male
0122012P10011718 10011718 ROPIAH Female
0122012P10011720 10011720 ASEP BUDIYANTO Male
0122012P10011721 10011721 MASNUN Male
0122012P10011722 10011722 DULAH ABDULAH Male
0122012P10011723 10011723 ABDUL QODIR JAELANI Male
0122012P10011724 10011724 EDI SAIFULLOH Male
0122012P10011725 10011725 MUHAMMAD AFIFUDIN Male
0122012P10011726 10011726 YUDI AZHAR ANDINATAZ Male
0122012P10011728 10011728 ASEP AWALLUDIN Male
0122012P10011729 10011729 IRHAM AZIS Male
0122012P10011730 10011730 NURUL ANAM Male
0122012P10011732 10011732 KHUSNUL ABDI Male
0122012P10011734 10011734 DEDI MUHYIDIN Male
0122012P10011736 10011736 ENDAN SUBARI MUSLIM Male
0122012P10011737 10011737 DEDE NURDIN Male
0122012P10011738 10011738 IHSAN SATIA NUGRAHA Male
0122012P10011739 10011739 AYU HASANAH Female
0122012P10011740 10011740 ARIA MAULANA Male
0122012P10011742 10011742 REGI OKTAVIANA Male
0122012P10011743 10011743 IWA KARTIWA Male
0122012P10011745 10011745 IRPAN FIRMANSYAH Male
0122012P10011753 10011753 YANA MULYANA Male
0122012P10011754 10011754 IRWAN RIANDANI Male
0122012P10011755 10011755 IYUS MUSTARI Male
0122012P10011757 10011757 DOPIR Male
0122012P10011758 10011758 SANTI IRYANTI Female
0122012P10011761 10011761 ADE RUSWANDI FIRMAN Male
0122012P10011769 10011769 SUJANI Male
0122012P10011771 10011771 INDRA GUNAWAN Male
0122012P10011772 10011772 HADI SUPRAPTO Male
0122012P10011773 10011773 DARNITI Female
0122012P10011774 10011774 AGUS HAMZAH Male
0122012P10011777 10011777 ABDUL WAHAB Male
0122012P10011779 10011779 SALIMUN Male
0122012P10011780 10011780 HARIMAN Male
0122012P10011782 10011782 ASMUNI Male
0122012P10011783 10011783 DEDE ALI THIFAN Male
0122012P10011785 10011785 KARDANI Male
0122012P10011786 10011786 TASWIN Male
0122012P10011787 10011787 ARIEF HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10011788 10011788 DARMAWAN Male
0122012P10011789 10011789 ABDUL ROHMAN Male
0122012P10011792 10011792 AGUS SUPRIYANTO Male
0122012P10011793 10011793 MA SHUM Male
0122012P10011795 10011795 SITI MUPASAROH Female
0122012P10011796 10011796 SISWANTO Male
0122012P10011797 10011797 ABDUL KARIS Male
0122012P10011798 10011798 HAMALAH Female
0122012P10011799 10011799 MUAMAR Male
0122012P10011802 10011802 RAWANTO Male
0122012P10011803 10011803 FIHRI AMRULLAH ZABIR Male
0122012P10011804 10011804 ENDI Male
0122012P10011805 10011805 MOHAMMAD ALVI SYAFEI Male
0122012P10011806 10011806 JUJU JUMAROH Female
0122012P10011807 10011807 ERWI YANTI Female
0122012P10011808 10011808 YUSRI Female
0122012P10011809 10011809 RASIM Male
0122012P10011810 10011810 ISWANDI Male
0122012P10011811 10011811 WAHYU DIANA Male
0122012P10011812 10011812 HADI YATNA Male
0122012P10011813 10011813 ERYANTI Female
0122012P10011814 10011814 HARI AYARANA Male
0122012P10011815 10011815 CARINIH Female
0122012P10011816 10011816 DESY HARYANTI Female
0122012P10011817 10011817 ADE RIYANTO ZEBARUTIN Male
0122012P10011818 10011818 KADIYAH ADI SUMIRAT Male
0122012P10011819 10011819 DIDIT PARADITA Male
0122012P10011820 10011820 ABDUL MUIN Male
0122012P10011824 10011824 SANDRI SUTIAWAN Male
0122012P10011825 10011825 TASMINIH Female
0122012P10011826 10011826 SITI AMINAH Female
0122012P10011827 10011827 RINTO HARAHAP Male
0122012P10011828 10011828 HARTONO Male
0122012P10011831 10011831 CAHYANI NUR FAUZIAH Female
0122012P10011832 10011832 TARMANI Male
0122012P10011833 10011833 SOHIBUDIN Male
0122012P10011835 10011835 SURYADI BAHRUDIN Male
0122012P10011836 10011836 RAKMAN Male
0122012P10011838 10011838 AGUS SOFYAN BIN DURMIN Male
0122012P10011839 10011839 SUMA WIJAYA Male
0122012P10011842 10011842 AJAT MUTAKIN Male
0122012P10011844 10011844 ABU BAKAR Male
0122012P10011847 10011847 ARIF FAHRUROJI Male
0122012P10011854 10011854 RAHMAWATI Female
0122012P10011858 10011858 SLAMET ANTON MULYONO Male
0122012P10011859 10011859 FRENKI FERNANDO Male
0122012P10011860 10011860 WIYOGI HADI SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10011861 10011861 TRINATA Male
0122012P10011863 10011863 CASYENI Female
0122012P10011868 10011868 DIRWAN Male
0122012P10011869 10011869 SYARIF HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10011870 10011870 SOFA FEBRIYANI Female
0122012P10011871 10011871 JA FAR SODIQ Male
0122012P10011872 10011872 ABDUL BASIT Male
0122012P10011873 10011873 DIAN Male
0122012P10011876 10011876 ANDI JOHAN Male
0122012P10011877 10011877 WIKODONO Male
0122012P10011882 10011882 RASMAN BIN RAHMAN Male
0122012P10011903 10011903 DENI Male
0122012P10011914 10011914 BANIE SYAHID Male
0122012P10011920 10011920 SUKADMO Male
0122012P10011921 10011921 WASMIN Male
0122012P10011924 10011924 AHMAD SAIFULLAH Male
0122012P10011925 10011925 AGUS CARIMAN Male
0122012P10011926 10011926 IMRON ROSADY Male
0122012P10011928 10011928 NURHIDAYATULLOH Male
0122012P10011929 10011929 ANGGA LANANG WIJAYA Male
0122012P10011932 10011932 CASLI Male
0122012P10011933 10011933 DIANA RATNA NINGSIH Female
0122012P10011934 10011934 NOVITASARI Female
0122012P10011937 10011937 WADI SUPARDI Male
0122012P10011938 10011938 ASEP MAULANA Male
0122012P10011939 10011939 IKIN SOLIKIN Male
0122012P10011940 10011940 SUCIPTO Male
0122012P10011941 10011941 ASEP Male
0122012P10011942 10011942 ROKHIMAT Male
0122012P10011943 10011943 WAKHYUDI Male
0122012P10011944 10011944 TAUFIK HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10011946 10011946 DIDIK NURYADI Male
0122012P10011947 10011947 HERIYANTO Male
0122012P10011948 10011948 JUJUN JUNAWAN Male
0122012P10011950 10011950 RASTONO Male
0122012P10011951 10011951 ENDRO Male
0122012P10011953 10011953 LINDA YULIANDARI Female
0122012P10011954 10011954 ADE SUPRIYANTO Male
0122012P10011966 10011966 SUHENDI Male
0122012P10011971 10011971 PURNAWAN Male
0122012P10011973 10011973 SAEFUL HAYAT Male
0122012P10011977 10011977 MUHAMMAD ISA MUKHLIS Male
0122012P10011978 10011978 ARDIANSYAH Male
0122012P10011981 10011981 RUDI APRIYANTO Male
0122012P10011983 10011983 M CHAIDIR SATRIA Male
0122012P10011990 10011990 SLAMET WAHYUDI Male
0122012P10011995 10011995 YULIYANTO ALI MUNAWAR Male
0122012P10011998 10011998 DODI SUARNO Male
0122012P10011999 10011999 ADE SUEB Male
0122012P10012001 10012001 TACHRIR Male
0122012P10012002 10012002 ANDRIYANTO Male
0122012P10012004 10012004 ERVAN MEGA TRESNA Male
0122012P10012005 10012005 ROPI AULIA Male
0122012P10012006 10012006 SURYANA Male
0122012P10012007 10012007 AHMAD SYAEKHU Male
0122012P10012008 10012008 BAKRUDIN Male
0122012P10012010 10012010 ROAEDIN Male
0122012P10012013 10012013 TANIROH Female
0122012P10012014 10012014 DARSA Male
0122012P10012015 10012015 SUSWANTO Male
0122012P10012016 10012016 AMIRRUDIN Male
0122012P10012018 10012018 MOHAMAD JAELANI Male
0122012P10012020 10012020 MUSLIK Male
0122012P10012021 10012021 JOHARUDIN Male
0122012P10012022 10012022 FUJIYANTI Female
0122012P10012023 10012023 UMAR Male
0122012P10012024 10012024 AGIT SAGITA Male
0122012P10012026 10012026 AGUS FIRMAN Male
0122012P10012027 10012027 MOH HAMDAN Male
0122012P10012028 10012028 SARGA Male
0122012P10012029 10012029 ROHADI Male
0122012P10012030 10012030 MOHAMAD UMAR FARUQ Male
0122012P10012031 10012031 RENO Male
0122012P10012032 10012032 APIPUDIN ALWI Male
0122012P10012033 10012033 UMAR SODIK Male
0122012P10012035 10012035 NAHROWI Male
0122012P10012036 10012036 NURALI Male
0122012P10012038 10012038 EPAH HUDAEPAH Female
0122012P10012039 10012039 MASRODIN Male
0122012P10012040 10012040 WANERI Female
0122012P10012041 10012041 GIN GIN ROSYIKIN Male
0122012P10012042 10012042 SAMSUL ANWAR Male
0122012P10012043 10012043 SISKA HENDRAWATI Female
0122012P10012044 10012044 MOHAMAD AMRUN KOTIM Male
0122012P10012045 10012045 AMAR SIDIQ Male
0122012P10012046 10012046 AEF PRIYANO Male
0122012P10012048 10012048 AKHMAD LUTFI ABDUL AZZIS Male
0122012P10012050 10012050 SAEFU MUBAROK Male
0122012P10012052 10012052 ABDUL KARIM Male
0122012P10012053 10012053 YULIANTO Male
0122012P10012054 10012054 AHMAD TODI Male
0122012P10012055 10012055 MUSLIMAH Female
0122012P10012056 10012056 UMU HANI Female
0122012P10012057 10012057 NUR FATKAH Female
0122012P10012059 10012059 MUHAMMAD YASIN Male
0122012P10012060 10012060 AHMAD RUDIN Male
0122012P10012063 10012063 KHOIRUR ROZIQIN Male
0122012P10012064 10012064 TAMSULUDDIN Male
0122012P10012066 10012066 HERMAWAN Male
0122012P10012067 10012067 WARTONO Male
0122012P10012068 10012068 SHUHADA Male
0122012P10012069 10012069 IWAN SANUSI Male
0122012P10012070 10012070 MAFTUKIN Male
0122012P10012071 10012071 NURI Male
0122012P10012072 10012072 DARSOHO Male
0122012P10012073 10012073 MOH NIRWAN Male
0122012P10012074 10012074 SUKRI Male
0122012P10012075 10012075 ROBIDINO Male
0122012P10012076 10012076 RAYMAN Male
0122012P10012077 10012077 RETNO PALUPI Male
0122012P10012079 10012079 FAISAL ADITIA Male
0122012P10012080 10012080 SYAHIROH KHIBRY Female
0122012P10012081 10012081 SUPRAPTO Male
0122012P10012082 10012082 SUMARNO Male
0122012P10012083 10012083 ZAENUDIN          I Male
0122012P10012084 10012084 ARIFIN Male
0122012P10012085 10012085 ABDUL WAKID Male
0122012P10012086 10012086 MUH SAEPUL MAHFUDIN Male
0122012P10012087 10012087 KHAERUDIN Male
0122012P10012089 10012089 SAEPUL ANWAR Male
0122012P10012091 10012091 ADE KOMARUDIN Male
0122012P10012092 10012092 AGUS BAHTIAR Male
0122012P10012093 10012093 SUGIONO Male
0122012P10012094 10012094 ABU YAJID Male
0122012P10012095 10012095 WAWAN SUGIANTO Male
0122012P10012096 10012096 ADI IRAWAN MAARIF Male
0122012P10012101 10012101 MOH RAGUNG MAHWADI Male
0122012P10012103 10012103 WELA Male
0122012P10012109 10012109 RUDI HARTONO Male
0122012P10012110 10012110 HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10012111 10012111 MOH TEGUH BANGBANG S ETIADI Male
0122012P10012113 10012113 SITI KOMARIYAH BT RINDA Female
0122012P10012115 10012115 PUDI Male
0122012P10012116 10012116 IMAM SIBAWEH Male
0122012P10012117 10012117 TOYIB Male
0122012P10012119 10012119 NANANG ROHIM Male
0122012P10012124 10012124 DESI ARYANTI Female
0122012P10012125 10012125 ASEP SOMANTRI Male
0122012P10012126 10012126 AKILIN Male
0122012P10012129 10012129 ONI BUDIMAN Male
0122012P10012130 10012130 ROSSI SITI ROHMAH Female
0122012P10012133 10012133 ABDUL AZID Male
0122012P10012135 10012135 MOHAMAD MUSA Male
0122012P10012136 10012136 DADANG SAEFULLOH Male
0122012P10012137 10012137 RUDIYANTO Male
0122012P10012138 10012138 FAOZAN Male
0122012P10012140 10012140 NASIM Male
0122012P10012141 10012141 NASRUDIN Male
0122012P10012143 10012143 DAERUN Male
0122012P10012145 10012145 ADIB BAEDULLAH Male
0122012P10012146 10012146 JANURI Male
0122012P10012147 10012147 ADE ROYANA Male
0122012P10012148 10012148 AHMAD LAENI Male
0122012P10012149 10012149 ALI Male
0122012P10012150 10012150 TAMSUR Male
0122012P10012151 10012151 KARDONO Male
0122012P10012152 10012152 MUKIDIN Male
0122012P10012153 10012153 DARKIM Male
0122012P10012154 10012154 DITO RACHDIYANTO Male
0122012P10012155 10012155 ABDULAH Male
0122012P10012156 10012156 ANDRIYANTO Male
0122012P10012157 10012157 ROHMAT Male
0122012P10012158 10012158 ROHMAN HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10012160 10012160 MALIK IBRAHIM Male
0122012P10012161 10012161 KUDRALI Male
0122012P10012162 10012162 FERNANDO Male
0122012P10012163 10012163 JUKI MARJUKI Male
0122012P10012164 10012164 ADE RIAN JANUARDI Male
0122012P10012165 10012165 FERI HADI Male
0122012P10012168 10012168 MASHURI Male
0122012P10012169 10012169 SUGIARTI Female
0122012P10012170 10012170 MUNIP Male
0122012P10012173 10012173 DIMYATI Male
0122012P10012174 10012174 CASRINI Female
0122012P10012175 10012175 JAHROTUN NISA Female
0122012P10012176 10012176 TARJO Male
0122012P10012178 10012178 ABSORI Male
0122012P10012180 10012180 OJI SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10012182 10012182 TOPIK HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10012183 10012183 HERMAN SYAH Male
0122012P10012184 10012184 HAMZAH Male
0122012P10012185 10012185 MOHAMAD SIDIK Male
0122012P10012186 10012186 HERI HARDIYANTO Male
0122012P10012187 10012187 ANDRIAN HIDAYAT P Male
0122012P10012188 10012188 ACEP DESI HERIYANA Male
0122012P10012189 10012189 TAUFIK Male
0122012P10012190 10012190 SUPRIYATIN Male
0122012P10012191 10012191 ROMLI Male
0122012P10012192 10012192 TATANG MAULA Male
0122012P10012193 10012193 RIDWAN Male
0122012P10012194 10012194 GURUN FAKHIRUL ABNA Male
0122012P10012196 10012196 KOSTOLANI Male
0122012P10012197 10012197 MUHAMMAD JAYA Male
0122012P10012198 10012198 EKO WIDODO Male
0122012P10012202 10012202 KUSNIADI Male
0122012P10012203 10012203 SARKUM Male
0122012P10012205 10012205 MAKRONI Male
0122012P10012206 10012206 DODI SURYANA Male
0122012P10012207 10012207 MUBTADA Male
0122012P10012208 10012208 ABSORI Male
0122012P10012209 10012209 SUTI Female
0122012P10012210 10012210 RASMINI Female
0122012P10012212 10012212 MUHAMMAD SAIFI HABIBI Male
0122012P10012213 10012213 ABDUL GHOFAR Male
0122012P10012214 10012214 SRI ULIYAH Female
0122012P10012217 10012217 RUSDIADI Male
0122012P10012218 10012218 IDRIS SUTANDI Male
0122012P10012220 10012220 FEBRI ISNAN SULAIMAN Male
0122012P10012221 10012221 ARI FITRIYANTO Male
0122012P10012224 10012224 JOHANI Male
0122012P10012226 10012226 LINAWATI Female
0122012P10012227 10012227 ASEP ALFUSAENI Male
0122012P10012228 10012228 LISNAWATI Female
0122012P10012234 10012234 IWAN AGUSTIAN Male
0122012P10012241 10012241 DEDI MAKSUDI Male
0122012P10012242 10012242 AGUS PRAMONO Male
0122012P10012243 10012243 CASIPAH Female
0122012P10012244 10012244 MUALIM Male
0122012P10012247 10012247 ALIM MUSTOFA Male
0122012P10012248 10012248 SUTRISNO Male
0122012P10012251 10012251 SUSANTO Male
0122012P10012252 10012252 SURIPNO Male