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Mulyono, Asal Kota Boyolali Alumni Bina Insani Solo

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Nama Mulyono asal Boyolali, Sudah bekerja di PT.WIL-KO KORSEL di Korea hampir 2 tahun. Alumni Bina Insani Solo ini semangatnya perlu di contoh.


Siti Zulaika, Asal Palembang

Administrator - Tuesday, 04 February 2014

Siti Zulaika, Asal Palembang, Asal Sekolah YKPP II Palembang, Alumni Diklat Bahasa Korea Bina Insani Solo yang sudah bekerja di Korea Selatan. Kerja di Korea sebenarnya tidak begitu mahal.



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Darwin Mularegar (Kerja di Korea)

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ANANTA ARIF (Sochodong, Korea Selatan)

Keberhasilan yang aku dapatkan tidak lepas dari peran serta LPK. Bina Insani, Karena di BI tidak hanya mengantarkan Lulus EPS-TOPIK bahasa Korea saja



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Nama RIYANTO, Asal Sekolah, SMK NEGERI 1 MADIUN, Asal Kota, SRAGEN, Alumni Diklat Persiapan Kerja Ke Korea Selatan Angkatan 10 LPK BINA INSANI SOLO. Sekarang sudah bekerja di DAEGU, KOREA SELATAN.




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PENGUMUMAN EPS TOPIK NO.10003194 s/d10008035 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 28 June 2012 17:44
0122012P10003194 10003194 RAMLI Male
0122012P10003195 10003195 IDRIS Male
0122012P10003198 10003198 WIWIN Male
0122012P10003205 10003205 AHMAD EFFENDI Male
0122012P10003215 10003215 ABDUL ROJATULLAH Male
0122012P10003219 10003219 DUNARI BIN DASTAM Male
0122012P10003221 10003221 SUHENDRA Male
0122012P10003223 10003223 ROJIKIN Male
0122012P10003230 10003230 YOSEP KOMAR Male
0122012P10003231 10003231 AHMAD TAHFIZ Male
0122012P10003232 10003232 HADI ISMANTO Male
0122012P10003238 10003238 IWAN HADIYANTO Male
0122012P10003242 10003242 SAHRIAL AGUSTIAN Male
0122012P10003243 10003243 NUR FADILAH Male
0122012P10003244 10003244 ISMANTO Male
0122012P10003245 10003245 LALA JAMILAH Female
0122012P10003246 10003246 RIYADI ISMANTO Male
0122012P10003248 10003248 ABDUL KODIR YUNUS Male
0122012P10003252 10003252 HARIS Male
0122012P10003258 10003258 AHMAD ARIFIN Male
0122012P10003269 10003269 AWAL KHOMAINI Male
0122012P10003273 10003273 BAMBANG HERMANTO Male
0122012P10003274 10003274 MARDIANA Female
0122012P10003277 10003277 ADE IRPAN FATUROHMAN Male
0122012P10003287 10003287 GUGUN INDRA GUNAWAN B JAENUDIN Male
0122012P10003288 10003288 INTAHA Male
0122012P10003289 10003289 MISBAN Male
0122012P10003290 10003290 ABDUL MUIS Male
0122012P10003292 10003292 NURFITRIANI Female
0122012P10003295 10003295 SUNARDI Male
0122012P10003296 10003296 RIYAN YULIANTO Male
0122012P10003297 10003297 PRIYATNO Male
0122012P10003299 10003299 ELLA MUIS Male
0122012P10003300 10003300 ABDUL ROHIM Male
0122012P10003303 10003303 RAHMAT HERYADI Male
0122012P10003307 10003307 ANWAR SANUSI Male
0122012P10003309 10003309 MINGGU Male
0122012P10003316 10003316 LIA AMALIA DINANGPARINI Female
0122012P10003324 10003324 M.ZAINUDDIN Male
0122012P10003375 10003375 LALU SRI USMAN Male
0122012P10003376 10003376 SRI BUDIARJE Male
0122012P10003378 10003378 LALU RATULI YADI,SH Male
0122012P10003380 10003380 LALU HALID DAENAMI Male
0122012P10003383 10003383 LALU ADUN Male
0122012P10003390 10003390 FAUZAN HAKIM Male
0122012P10003395 10003395 DICKY YANWAR HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10003396 10003396 SUHENDI Male
0122012P10003400 10003400 DENY MIZWAR Male
0122012P10003403 10003403 ARUN HASANAH Male
0122012P10003404 10003404 ABDUL HALID Male
0122012P10003405 10003405 ABDUL FATAH Male
0122012P10003408 10003408 ABDUL AZIZ FAHRUDDIN Male
0122012P10003419 10003419 ANDI RAHMAN SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10003421 10003421 ABDUL AZIZ Male
0122012P10003423 10003423 AYATULLAH HUMAINI Male
0122012P10003437 10003437 JAMAUL PAWAIT Male
0122012P10003442 10003442 JONI HERIAWAN Male
0122012P10003445 10003445 SIDIK Male
0122012P10003446 10003446 SAMSUDDIN Male
0122012P10003449 10003449 SUTADI Male
0122012P10003451 10003451 SAPOAN Male
0122012P10003454 10003454 MUHAMMAD SAIPUL HADI Male
0122012P10003461 10003461 PUPUT SANJAYA Male
0122012P10003468 10003468 HARYANTO Male
0122012P10003477 10003477 TOMY KURNIAWAN Male
0122012P10003501 10003501 TAHZIP Male
0122012P10003508 10003508 GITO FATHU BAHTIAR Male
0122012P10003512 10003512 FARHAN ROHADI Male
0122012P10003513 10003513 ZAENAL ABIDIN Male
0122012P10003521 10003521 ISHAK BUDIAWAN Male
0122012P10003522 10003522 IBRAHIM Male
0122012P10003526 10003526 IHSAN MURSIDIN Male
0122012P10003527 10003527 IKHTIAR Male
0122012P10003529 10003529 BUDIYANTO Male
0122012P10003536 10003536 HAERUL BIAD Male
0122012P10003540 10003540 BUSAIRI HAKIM Male
0122012P10003554 10003554 MUHAMMAD ZAM ZAMI Male
0122012P10003556 10003556 MUHAMAD TANWIR Male
0122012P10003558 10003558 YUDI ADI SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10003559 10003559 UMAR Male
0122012P10003564 10003564 HAMDI Male
0122012P10003566 10003566 HAPIP AMRULLAH DJUNAEDI Male
0122012P10003567 10003567 HASAN BADRI Male
0122012P10003571 10003571 ROBI YANTO Male
0122012P10003573 10003573 RINAL MAKASAU Male
0122012P10003575 10003575 RIAN ARIYATMAN Male
0122012P10003581 10003581 FAKSI ARU SUGARA Male
0122012P10003589 10003589 HERY SUKMA WIJAYA Male
0122012P10003593 10003593 ZAELANI Male
0122012P10003599 10003599 PURNAWAN HADI Male
0122012P10003600 10003600 PURNAMARWAN Male
0122012P10003602 10003602 EDI SETIAWAN Male
0122012P10003604 10003604 EFENDY SUHANTO Male
0122012P10003606 10003606 ZAINAL MUTAQIN Male
0122012P10003613 10003613 YUDI ARIDIYAN NUGROHO Male
0122012P10003619 10003619 RUDI KRISTIANTO Male
0122012P10003633 10003633 MUHYI Male
0122012P10003654 10003654 WIDI HARTOKO Male
0122012P10003655 10003655 SUPARJO TARYONO Male
0122012P10003660 10003660 ASEP SYARIFUDIN Male
0122012P10003661 10003661 DUROKHMAN Male
0122012P10003662 10003662 MOH.FATONI Male
0122012P10003667 10003667 DANAR NUNGKI PRATAMA Male
0122012P10003669 10003669 AHMAD SYARONI Male
0122012P10003675 10003675 CASMURI Male
0122012P10003681 10003681 HERI ENDRA HIMAWAN Male
0122012P10003695 10003695 FAJAR ULINNUHA Male
0122012P10003705 10003705 HERMAN Male
0122012P10003714 10003714 MUSLEH AKMALUDIN Male
0122012P10003719 10003719 HERI NURDIANSYAH Male
0122012P10003725 10003725 LUKMANUL HAKIM Male
0122012P10003726 10003726 LL. SYIRRIL HAYYI Male
0122012P10003728 10003728 SUHAIMI Male
0122012P10003735 10003735 I KOMANG SRI ARTHA Male
0122012P10003736 10003736 MUHAMAD ZAENUDIN Male
0122012P10003738 10003738 I MADE SUKARTA Male
0122012P10003739 10003739 I WAYAN SUBRATA Male
0122012P10003745 10003745 MUHAMAD IHSAN Male
0122012P10003748 10003748 MUHDIN Male
0122012P10003750 10003750 IRWAN ZAHID Male
0122012P10003759 10003759 AHMAD NURYANI Male
0122012P10003760 10003760 ABDUL WAHID Male
0122012P10003761 10003761 ILYAS MUHARAM Male
0122012P10003762 10003762 NURCHOLIS Male
0122012P10003764 10003764 KHAERUL AMRULLOH Male
0122012P10003770 10003770 RINA FITAYANI Female
0122012P10003776 10003776 AGUS SUPRIYONO Male
0122012P10003781 10003781 SUHERMAN Male
0122012P10003830 10003830 SIRMANEM Male
0122012P10003857 10003857 HAIRUDIN Male
0122012P10003866 10003866 ABDUL HARIS Male
0122012P10003893 10003893 FAHRUDDIN Male
0122012P10003898 10003898 WIRIANTO Male
0122012P10007001 10007001 AHIR Male
0122012P10007009 10007009 FADLI Male
0122012P10007012 10007012 TAKMID Male
0122012P10007015 10007015 RUDIYANTO Male
0122012P10007017 10007017 WARSIM Male
0122012P10007024 10007024 KUSWANTO Male
0122012P10007030 10007030 INDRA GUNAWAN Male
0122012P10007031 10007031 KARTANI Male
0122012P10007037 10007037 RASNA Male
0122012P10007041 10007041 KARSITA Male
0122012P10007042 10007042 SUPRIYADI Male
0122012P10007043 10007043 PARIKIN Male
0122012P10007044 10007044 SLAMET RIYADI Male
0122012P10007048 10007048 KOMARUDIN Male
0122012P10007051 10007051 SUKENDAR Male
0122012P10007054 10007054 SITI SHOLIHAH Female
0122012P10007058 10007058 HEDI MULYONO Male
0122012P10007061 10007061 AGUS SULAEMAN Male
0122012P10007062 10007062 TAHIR Male
0122012P10007063 10007063 NOOR BADRI Male
0122012P10007069 10007069 ASNAN Male
0122012P10007072 10007072 YUSUP AZIS Male
0122012P10007073 10007073 HAERUDIN Male
0122012P10007077 10007077 EDI RAHYANTO Male
0122012P10007078 10007078 SAEFUL HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10007079 10007079 GHEA WISADI Male
0122012P10007080 10007080 MOH MARWAN Male
0122012P10007081 10007081 JAMALUDIN Male
0122012P10007085 10007085 SELAMET Male
0122012P10007091 10007091 JOHARI Male
0122012P10007098 10007098 SARIPUDIN Male
0122012P10007100 10007100 HALIM Male
0122012P10007104 10007104 RIDA Male
0122012P10007105 10007105 IMADUDDIN Male
0122012P10007106 10007106 MOH SOLIHIN Male
0122012P10007109 10007109 RASMAN Male
0122012P10007112 10007112 SUTARNO Male
0122012P10007118 10007118 SAEFULOH Male
0122012P10007119 10007119 KARMAT Male
0122012P10007120 10007120 SRIYANTO Male
0122012P10007121 10007121 WARUDIN Male
0122012P10007122 10007122 YOHANES LOMBONGADIL Male
0122012P10007130 10007130 ANGGIH SUPRIANA Male
0122012P10007131 10007131 HERU SUSANTO Male
0122012P10007133 10007133 SATRIONO Male
0122012P10007134 10007134 TJARWIN Male
0122012P10007135 10007135 MAMAN GUNAWAN Male
0122012P10007136 10007136 TEGUH WIDODO Male
0122012P10007137 10007137 SUHARTATIK Female
0122012P10007138 10007138 HERI Male
0122012P10007139 10007139 WARNOTO B SAAD Male
0122012P10007141 10007141 AMELIA ELITA Female
0122012P10007142 10007142 TURYATI Female
0122012P10007144 10007144 SUSANTO Male
0122012P10007152 10007152 SANTI INDRAYANI Female
0122012P10007159 10007159 MUHAMAD FAJRI Male
0122012P10007160 10007160 SEHU ARIPIN Male
0122012P10007161 10007161 MAULANA YUSUF Male
0122012P10007162 10007162 BUDI PRABUDI Male
0122012P10007164 10007164 SYARIF MAULANA IBROHIM Male
0122012P10007165 10007165 CANDI TRIYATNO Male
0122012P10007167 10007167 RAHMAT Male
0122012P10007168 10007168 SUTATRI Female
0122012P10007170 10007170 ABDALAH Male
0122012P10007173 10007173 DIKKI NURLEA SUTEJA Male
0122012P10007174 10007174 SUTRISNO Male
0122012P10007175 10007175 ABDUL MUHYI Male
0122012P10007178 10007178 HAMDANI Male
0122012P10007179 10007179 YOGISETIAWAN Male
0122012P10007181 10007181 ZAENUDIN Male
0122012P10007182 10007182 DARMOKO Male
0122012P10007183 10007183 RASIYO Male
0122012P10007184 10007184 MUSTOFA AQIL Male
0122012P10007185 10007185 TATANG MAULANA Male
0122012P10007188 10007188 UUN KUSTIANINGSIH Female
0122012P10007189 10007189 INTAN PANDINI Female
0122012P10007192 10007192 UHTAMUJI Male
0122012P10007194 10007194 KULSUM Male
0122012P10007195 10007195 SAEFUDIN Male
0122012P10007196 10007196 ROMMY AMIRUDDIN Male
0122012P10007197 10007197 WISNU KENCANA Male
0122012P10007198 10007198 ARIF FINDI SETIAWAN Male
0122012P10007205 10007205 ARIEF SETIADI Male
0122012P10007206 10007206 FELIX YULIANTHONI Male
0122012P10007211 10007211 DARNI Male
0122012P10007213 10007213 SITI ROMDLONAH Female
0122012P10007216 10007216 EGA WIDYANTO SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10007217 10007217 AGUS SALIM Male
0122012P10007219 10007219 KHOIRUL ANAM Male
0122012P10007220 10007220 WAHYU HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10007224 10007224 ACHMAD PARJIYANTO Male
0122012P10007225 10007225 AMIN ROHIM Male
0122012P10007226 10007226 KARLINDA Female
0122012P10007229 10007229 DEWI RATNASARI Female
0122012P10007233 10007233 ADANG SUNANDAR Male
0122012P10007234 10007234 AMALIA Female
0122012P10007242 10007242 BADRUDIN Male
0122012P10007247 10007247 NURMAHMUDAH Female
0122012P10007248 10007248 SRIYATI Female
0122012P10007249 10007249 SAPIN Male
0122012P10007253 10007253 KAMALUDIN Male
0122012P10007254 10007254 SUGITO Male
0122012P10007255 10007255 SURIADI Male
0122012P10007257 10007257 JUANDA Male
0122012P10007258 10007258 ERWIN SOBANDI Male
0122012P10007261 10007261 DONI KRISDIANTO Male
0122012P10007269 10007269 ALAM BUDIYONO Male
0122012P10007270 10007270 ASRUR SANI Male
0122012P10007274 10007274 MUHAMAD ZAINI Male
0122012P10007275 10007275 ARIS SUPARJO Male
0122012P10007276 10007276 AGUS HARYANTO Male
0122012P10007278 10007278 MUHAMMAD KODRI Male
0122012P10007280 10007280 MUSTEGAR Male
0122012P10007281 10007281 NATA GUPITO Male
0122012P10007282 10007282 MEDI TURISKA Male
0122012P10007284 10007284 AJI SULISNO Male
0122012P10007285 10007285 HARIYADI Male
0122012P10007286 10007286 MUHAMMAD ARI SANDI Male
0122012P10007290 10007290 BAGUS SANTOSO Male
0122012P10007292 10007292 JUFRIN Male
0122012P10007293 10007293 AHMAD MARTIN Male
0122012P10007296 10007296 RINDI AYU KUSUMA ASTUTI Female
0122012P10007297 10007297 ENI YULIA Female
0122012P10007298 10007298 DEDEH NURMALA Female
0122012P10007299 10007299 SUPRIYADI Male
0122012P10007301 10007301 USMAN Male
0122012P10007303 10007303 RISQON HASAN Male
0122012P10007304 10007304 DANI SUDRAJAT Male
0122012P10007305 10007305 MOHAMAD GOZALI Male
0122012P10007307 10007307 USNIAH Female
0122012P10007310 10007310 ARIP PIDIANTO Male
0122012P10007312 10007312 CHANDRA GUNA Male
0122012P10007313 10007313 BASUKI Male
0122012P10007314 10007314 RIDWAN TAUPIK NURMAWAN Male
0122012P10007315 10007315 IKA SARTIKA Female
0122012P10007317 10007317 MUHAMMAD FASHHAN HAZAZI Male
0122012P10007323 10007323 ISEP HENDRAWAN Male
0122012P10007347 10007347 HENDRA GUNAWAN Male
0122012P10007349 10007349 MUHAMMAD ELYANDAS Male
0122012P10007351 10007351 SIGIT PRASETYO Male
0122012P10007357 10007357 SYONHAJI Male
0122012P10007364 10007364 LUKMAN HADI Male
0122012P10007366 10007366 RONI SAPUTRO Male
0122012P10007371 10007371 ALI NURSAMSU Male
0122012P10007372 10007372 BUDIYANTO Male
0122012P10007374 10007374 SUGENG HARIANTO Male
0122012P10007376 10007376 PUJIONO Male
0122012P10007384 10007384 ANGGUN DERMAWAN Male
0122012P10007386 10007386 YOYOK WARTOYO Male
0122012P10007387 10007387 PUJIYANTO Male
0122012P10007395 10007395 ERWIN PRADANA Male
0122012P10007396 10007396 HARTINI Female
0122012P10007398 10007398 AHMAD HASANUDIN Male
0122012P10007399 10007399 ANDI SURYATEJA Male
0122012P10007403 10007403 ABDUL HARIS Male
0122012P10007406 10007406 SUKARNO Male
0122012P10007407 10007407 AGUS Male
0122012P10007408 10007408 MUHAMAT UMAR Male
0122012P10007409 10007409 NUR MUTTAQIN Male
0122012P10007410 10007410 NUR ROHMAN Male
0122012P10007411 10007411 NUR WAKID Male
0122012P10007412 10007412 PRATOMO Male
0122012P10007413 10007413 ROMDHONI Male
0122012P10007414 10007414 SUGENG RIYADI Male
0122012P10007415 10007415 SUGITO Male
0122012P10007416 10007416 SULI SETIO WATI Female
0122012P10007419 10007419 WARNI Female
0122012P10007425 10007425 FARIDAH Female
0122012P10007427 10007427 FITRI YANTI Female
0122012P10007430 10007430 DETI NURANI Female
0122012P10007431 10007431 MOH ZAJULI Male
0122012P10007434 10007434 TAUFIK AKBAR Male
0122012P10007445 10007445 ENDANG SRI SUWENI Female
0122012P10007447 10007447 MUHAMMAD REZA RAHMADIN CHOIRUL Male
0122012P10007448 10007448 WAHYUDI Male
0122012P10007449 10007449 EDI PURNAMA Male
0122012P10007451 10007451 MUHAMNAD JEFRI ARDIANSYAH CHOIRUL Male
0122012P10007454 10007454 RICKY SAPUTRA Male
0122012P10007460 10007460 ANGGER PRATAMA Male
0122012P10007461 10007461 MUCHAMAD JOKO SUSILO Male
0122012P10007464 10007464 PURWANTO Male
0122012P10007465 10007465 DIDIK KUSWOYO Male
0122012P10007467 10007467 JAYENG ADE WIJAYA Male
0122012P10007468 10007468 NILA DESY WULANDARI Female
0122012P10007469 10007469 YONI KUSTOMO Male
0122012P10007476 10007476 ADHA SUGIANTO Male
0122012P10007478 10007478 RIYADUS SHOLIHIN Male
0122012P10007480 10007480 JUJU JULEHA Female
0122012P10007485 10007485 UZLIFAH Female
0122012P10007501 10007501 IIM DAIMAN Male
0122012P10007502 10007502 IRIN SAPARI Male
0122012P10007505 10007505 IWAN TARWAN Male
0122012P10007506 10007506 DARMAWAN Male
0122012P10007507 10007507 DADAN HAMDAN Male
0122012P10007508 10007508 DADI SUNARDI Male
0122012P10007512 10007512 AEN ZULKARNAEA Male
0122012P10007514 10007514 ADI SUWARDI Male
0122012P10007515 10007515 AHMAD RIZKI MAULANA Male
0122012P10007517 10007517 JOKO YULIUS Male
0122012P10007518 10007518 LANI JAELANI Male
0122012P10007520 10007520 IYAN SOPYAN Male
0122012P10007521 10007521 DEDE RANINTA Male
0122012P10007523 10007523 DIDIN SAPRUDIN Male
0122012P10007525 10007525 FARID INDRIAWAN Male
0122012P10007528 10007528 KARDONO Male
0122012P10007532 10007532 KASIR Male
0122012P10007533 10007533 KHUSERIH Male
0122012P10007534 10007534 KISMAN Male
0122012P10007535 10007535 KUDIRA Male
0122012P10007537 10007537 KUSTIAH Female
0122012P10007538 10007538 MOHAMMAD SHOLIKIN Male
0122012P10007542 10007542 WASILAH Male
0122012P10007543 10007543 MUHAMMAD SAENUN Male
0122012P10007544 10007544 MUHAMAD MA ARIF Male
0122012P10007546 10007546 MUSMULYANI Female
0122012P10007547 10007547 MUSLIKAH Female
0122012P10007553 10007553 NARYO SUSANTO Male
0122012P10007558 10007558 NOVITA Female
0122012P10007561 10007561 NURALI Male
0122012P10007565 10007565 OMAN ABDUL ROHMAN Male
0122012P10007566 10007566 RICO MAULANA Male
0122012P10007570 10007570 OOM SUHERAWATI Female
0122012P10007575 10007575 REDI SUDRAJAT Male
0122012P10007577 10007577 SOFYAN SAURI Male
0122012P10007581 10007581 SUGIARTO Male
0122012P10007582 10007582 SUHADA Male
0122012P10007585 10007585 SULFI ALFINAH Female
0122012P10007592 10007592 SURJANI Male
0122012P10007596 10007596 SUTRISNO Male
0122012P10007603 10007603 SUYATI Female
0122012P10007604 10007604 SYAEKHU Male
0122012P10007605 10007605 SYARIF HIDAYATULLAH Male
0122012P10007607 10007607 TARJONI Male
0122012P10007610 10007610 TARMIDI Male
0122012P10007611 10007611 TARNOTO Male
0122012P10007613 10007613 TATANG ROKHMAN Male
0122012P10007616 10007616 TONI Male
0122012P10007618 10007618 TOTO SUWANTO Male
0122012P10007622 10007622 UMI SUPRIYATIN Male
0122012P10007631 10007631 WAWAN Male
0122012P10007637 10007637 WAKHIDIN Male
0122012P10007638 10007638 WAKID Male
0122012P10007643 10007643 WAWAN SETIAWAN Male
0122012P10007645 10007645 WAWAN WANSORIH Male
0122012P10007648 10007648 WIWIN Female
0122012P10007650 10007650 YAYA SUKARYA Male
0122012P10007654 10007654 ANDI WIJAYA RADI Male
0122012P10007657 10007657 YAYAT SUPRIATNO Male
0122012P10007658 10007658 YUDI PURWANTO Male
0122012P10007659 10007659 ZENI AMRULOH Male
0122012P10007663 10007663 MAESAROH Female
0122012P10007668 10007668 IIS DEWIYANTI Female
0122012P10007669 10007669 TASIRIN Male
0122012P10007672 10007672 SUPARMAN Male
0122012P10007679 10007679 DARWAN Male
0122012P10007680 10007680 DARSANA Male
0122012P10007681 10007681 DARMIN Male
0122012P10007682 10007682 CARSONO Male
0122012P10007683 10007683 CARMONO Male
0122012P10007691 10007691 ADUNG SUBKHANI Male
0122012P10007695 10007695 ENDI Male
0122012P10007696 10007696 DEWI SULASTRI Female
0122012P10007697 10007697 DIMAN Male
0122012P10007699 10007699 EDI NURYADI Male
0122012P10007700 10007700 ELIYANTI Female
0122012P10007703 10007703 LUTFI GHOZALI Male
0122012P10007705 10007705 KARNOTO Male
0122012P10007707 10007707 JUWANDI Male
0122012P10007709 10007709 JENAL ARIPIN Male
0122012P10007711 10007711 JAENUDIN Male
0122012P10007712 10007712 IWAN KASWIADI Male
0122012P10007721 10007721 HARTONO Male
0122012P10007724 10007724 ESA NIADA Female
0122012P10007728 10007728 ARIF SYARIFUDIN Male
0122012P10007730 10007730 APRIYADI Male
0122012P10007734 10007734 ASMADI Male
0122012P10007742 10007742 CASTIAH Female
0122012P10007743 10007743 CHAERUDIN SADAM Male
0122012P10007744 10007744 CISWANTO Male
0122012P10007745 10007745 DARJA Male
0122012P10007749 10007749 DEDE HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10007753 10007753 MISBAK Male
0122012P10007754 10007754 DEDE MARLANI Male
0122012P10007755 10007755 DEDI SUPRIYADI Male
0122012P10007759 10007759 DESI YULIANINGSIH Female
0122012P10007760 10007760 DESSI DWI RAHMATAN Female
0122012P10007771 10007771 EKO PRAYOGO Male
0122012P10007775 10007775 DODI MINARTO Male
0122012P10007779 10007779 ADE SUNANTO Male
0122012P10007781 10007781 ADE MUNAWIR Male
0122012P10007782 10007782 ADE LINE TRI HARDIANTI Female
0122012P10007783 10007783 ADE CAHYA Male
0122012P10007784 10007784 ADE JAMALUDIN Male
0122012P10007788 10007788 ABDUL ROHMAN Male
0122012P10007789 10007789 ABDUL MUTHOLIB Male
0122012P10007792 10007792 AMIRUDIN Male
0122012P10007794 10007794 ALI SUWARLI Male
0122012P10007800 10007800 AHMAD AFANDI Male
0122012P10007801 10007801 ADE SUHENDAR Male
0122012P10007814 10007814 KUSWANTO Male
0122012P10007831 10007831 MUHAMMAD SUKRON MAMUN Male
0122012P10007835 10007835 NANA TARYANA Male
0122012P10007843 10007843 RANDANA PUTRA Male
0122012P10007844 10007844 RASINI Female
0122012P10007846 10007846 RIYAN NUR HIDAYAT Male
0122012P10007847 10007847 MUHAMAD ASYHABUL JANNAH Male
0122012P10007856 10007856 ROYANI Male
0122012P10007859 10007859 SAEFULOH Male
0122012P10007863 10007863 SAMSUL MA ARIF Male
0122012P10007870 10007870 SITI AMINAH Female
0122012P10007876 10007876 ABDUL ARIF Male
0122012P10007877 10007877 ABDUL GHONI Male
0122012P10007884 10007884 RISYANTO Male
0122012P10007886 10007886 SAEFUL ISLAM Male
0122012P10007890 10007890 TATANG NURYANA Male
0122012P10007891 10007891 UJANG HERMANTO Male
0122012P10007893 10007893 WIDA WIDIA Female
0122012P10007895 10007895 MUCHSIN ANINDITA DARMAWAN Male
0122012P10007896 10007896 MAMAN SUHERMAN Male
0122012P10007898 10007898 YUDA BHAKTI Male
0122012P10007899 10007899 YAYA SUGIANTO Male
0122012P10007901 10007901 ROBANI Male
0122012P10007904 10007904 SEHABUDIN Male
0122012P10007906 10007906 RYAN AFZAINIZAM Male
0122012P10007910 10007910 SUPARJO Male
0122012P10007911 10007911 SURYADI Male
0122012P10007912 10007912 SUSI SANTI Female
0122012P10007915 10007915 TALAM Male
0122012P10007916 10007916 TANDANGARIH Male
0122012P10007922 10007922 TARMIN Male
0122012P10007928 10007928 GINANJARITA Male
0122012P10007931 10007931 HARIS SUREDI Male
0122012P10007933 10007933 HARYONO Male
0122012P10007938 10007938 INDRA LESMANA Male
0122012P10007940 10007940 ISWANTO Male
0122012P10007945 10007945 JUBAEDAH Female
0122012P10007948 10007948 AMIRUDDIN Male
0122012P10007958 10007958 WAWAN HENDRAWAN Male
0122012P10007962 10007962 WIRA NUGRAHA BUDIN Male
0122012P10007966 10007966 YATIMAH Female
0122012P10007968 10007968 YOLANDA Female
0122012P10007971 10007971 ZAENAL ARIFIN Male
0122012P10007972 10007972 ZAENUDIN Male
0122012P10007974 10007974 ZAUHAN SAFITRIE Male
0122012P10007977 10007977 CASTA Male
0122012P10007984 10007984 SUJANA Male
0122012P10007985 10007985 SOBANA Male
0122012P10007988 10007988 KHOLIDIN Male
0122012P10007990 10007990 KHUSNAENI Male
0122012P10007991 10007991 KOHARUDIN Male
0122012P10007992 10007992 KURSIN Male
0122012P10007999 10007999 DEDE RETNOWATI Female
0122012P10008002 10008002 SULEMAN Male
0122012P10008003 10008003 SULEMAN Male
0122012P10008004 10008004 SUMARTO Male
0122012P10008006 10008006 SUNANTO Male
0122012P10008007 10008007 SUNARTO Male
0122012P10008008 10008008 SUNARTO Male
0122012P10008013 10008013 SUNOTO Male
0122012P10008014 10008014 SURNADI Male
0122012P10008015 10008015 SURYONO Male
0122012P10008016 10008016 HERRY HERMAWAN Male
0122012P10008017 10008017 KASANUDIN Male
0122012P10008018 10008018 RASMANTO Male
0122012P10008026 10008026 ONO DARSONO Male
0122012P10008033 10008033 SUTAJAYA Male
0122012P10008034 10008034 SUTARJO Male
0122012P10008035 10008035 SUTINAH BT DARNITA Female